My blood got sucked.

No, I didn’t visit some low-budget version of America’s Hottest Trend (as seen on 20/20). I visited the Red Cross Bloodmobile! I hadn’t given blood since January (when I was still at Elon, which, can I be honest, fello graduates, feels like nine years ago), and I saw the sign yesterday to donate today, so I signed up.

I’m naturally a healthy shade of… Ivory, but when I donate blood I tend to get even more ashen, which tends to freak out the nurses. Fortunately for them, I’m always, usually fine, just a little dizzy and nothing some water and some oreos can’t fix. It probably also doesn’t help that I am not at all a big fan of needles. But alas, it is for good things. It’s an hour out of my day that can save up to 3 lives. Even if you hate needles, doctor-type places, giving, maybe feeling a little light headed, and/or receiving free cookies and drinks, you should at least give donating blood a try. Check out the American Red Cross’s site: or see if a local hospital participates in blood drives. Or see if your company/ church/club does. Whatever is cool.

Oh and as an FYI, make sure you’re hydrated and that you’ve been well-fed throughout the day before you give blood… It helps. Trust me.

I’d also be happy to answer any questions about my experiences with giving blood, feel free to get curious in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to lie down and be pale. 🙂