New Year. New attitude. New resolves. I don’t just wanna make resolutions I wanna make some life changes. It’s a new decade, kids, let’s kick out the jam, turn the page and all that nonsense . Which means you may notice a few blog posts missing. No point in looking back on what I didn’t do. It’s time to plan for what I will do.

Let’s start over. Get this thing set right. With a list. Bam.

  1. Blog everyday for the next 100 days. If I plan on being on vacay or away from a computer or some such apocalyptic nonsense, I’ll post via the publish later option. Meaning, I’ll plan them out. It’s not cheating. It’s planning ahead.
  2. Pack my lunch at least three times in a work week. I know this is a random decision, but I bought a new lunch bag and I want to leave work early to beat traffic. How is this done? Lunch packing! Applesauce and juice box optional. Also, moneys are saved.
  3. Work out 45 minutes twice a week. Obviously, I should be doing more than twice a week, but I’m trying to set goals I know I can achieve right now. This is something totally doable.
  4. Read one book a month. When I was a receptionist, I was averaging about 5 books a month, so this should be easy to do.  Book reviews/synopsis to be posted here.
  5. Do a writing challenge at least once a week, with four weeks in a month, post at least two of them a month. Y’all don’t need to read all of my brain farts, but I should let you see how I’m challenging myself. Writing challenges count as a blog post.

These goals are pretty easily accomplished. With goals it’s best to set something that’s time sensitive and quantifiable/measurable. These goals meet that, yo. They’re small but simple… I have a few other goals I’m considering testing out. But we’ll see how this goes. They have to do with dating, jobs and living arrangements. Stuff currently too embarrassing to share with digital strangers such as yourselves. But don’t worry, you’ll share in my silliness soon enough.

Oh. In other new year news, I’m a part of Second Cinema now. So, lookout world!

Sweet. So, one post down, 99 more to go. Promise.