Getting in under the deadline again. Oh well, this will probably be the norm. But anyway, let’s get into it.

Yesterday, in addition to securing some resolutions, I got a day planner. Made from the Day|Runner company. It looks like this:

My Day Planner

Pretty, yes? You can find one here.

I got it to sort of kick off this year of organization. I need to straighten some things out in my life and I figure, why not set things off right with a little book that tells me where I’m supposed to be? Rhetorical. Well, it’s empty right now, which kind of sucks, but I’m working on it.

Things I’d like to fill it with:

  • Interview(s) outside of a temp position.
  • Move out date. Staying with my folks is fast losing its appeal. If it ever had any.
  • Dates! Preferably at least one a season.

And that’s about it for now. Hopefully more things to come, like the interviews I’ll be doing for Second Cinema. But we’ll see… Things on the docket for this month: organize my room. Things on the docket for this week: write down my list of things to accomplish for this year. I saw my friend, Nancy’s, list and I got jealous of her goal making abilities. She’s a list ninja.

Also, I was asked a random question by a friend who thought it would be a good prompt for a blog. I couldn’t spin a whole post around it, but found it fun. What follows is the question and my response.

Q: Why [should] giant walking robots should be a standard mode of transportation?

A: Because I’m this close to installing laser guns on my car to get through traffic on capital.

Night everybody!