Ok, first submission into my chosen (ill-fated?) writing prompt challenge for the new year. Got it here: Quote Snack.

When someone asked her to define “love,” she replied…

Patience. Long after there is passion, long after there is romance, love is sustained patience. Because love isn’t just what we feel with our significant other, it’s what we feel for our family, our friends, our children, our pets. Patience helps us understand where our friends are coming from when we start to bicker. Patience leads to understanding, when parents try to wrangle in their teenager. Patience stops the fight that could stop a romance.

We need to learn to be patient in order to love fully. And first, we must be patient with ourselves. Maybe it’s just me, but I found that “loving” myself was hard to do if I couldn’t be patient as I figured things out, grew up, made mistakes or fell on my ass. Sometimes I’d beat myself up and for what? A negative outlook. I had to learn to be patient as I stepped into the shoes of the woman I wanted to be in order to love myself. So as we’re patient with others, let’s learn to be patient with ourselves.

Woah, slipped over the 5 minutes by about 15 seconds, but stayed mostly on point. I need to be better about just “blahing” it and spitting everything out. Next time, perhaps, no delete key.

Alright y’all, first day back to work tomorrow. Bed!