So, I took a sleep aid about 10 minutes ago and already my head is starting to get that tingly sensation from my brain going, “Sleep, stupid.” But in true American spirit, I’m fighting things I don’t understand! Don’t write letters. It’s a joke. I’m watching Daily Show. Just accept the humor. I love America and I love fighting. Go watch some football until the urge to call me a pinko commie womyn’s lib-er subsides.

Tomorrow, if my blog ranting about how inane romantic comedies are goes up as planned, you can expect even more enragement. But until then!

A picture of a kitten.

Kitten in My Dorm Room Freshman Year

This cat was found by one of my suite mates my freshman year in college. This kitten was also found to be adorable.

Also, some things I wanna talk about. In a word: recaps. There are some shows out there that I absolutely adore. Even though they’re dumb and often trashy. I was wondering if I should recap a few of them for your enjoyment?

You’re not reading anyway, so I’ll through a couple shows out there and decide on my own.

Tough Love (VH1)- Love this show, love Steve Ward, and love the crazy hot messes that are on that show. Basically the aforementioned hot messes need to find a date because the crazy train they’d been riding before hand was keeping them single, so Ward comes in and Jersey’s it up and gives them pretty sound advice. Also, Taylor looks like a persian cat with orange eyes. This never fails to make me giggle.

Cake Boss (TLC)- A JUHRSAY BAKERY, FUHGEDDABOUTIT! No, seriously, Buddy, the proprietor and head baker talks like that. AND makes amazing cakes. It’s a household favorites around here. A lot of it is clearly staged, but the characters are soooo lovable.

Chuck (NBC)- I adore this show and the season is starting up this Sunday. It’s geeky, but not in a way that it alienates people, it’s hilarious and the comedy works no matter who the audience, and the action is fun with the relationship adding a really adorable factor to the show. Anyway, if you’re reading this, you’ll probably like “Chuck.”

Ok, so answer me. Shall I tell you of any or all of these shows’ awesomeness?

Clearly the answer is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

In case you’re wondering that means the sleep meds are dragging me away.