So, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the gym. I got so busy with work in December I was only going rarely. But! It’s a new year and a new Katelyn (As a random, off the wall, side note, according to E! News, which i just hurriedly turned off, Kate Gosslin, of Jon & Kate plus 8 fame has started to refer to herself as “Kate Clean Slate”… Maybe I should get some busted blonde extensions and nickname myself something rhyme-y, too, like Katelyn…. it’s late, the only rhyme I can think of for Katelyn is “Fo Fatelyn, Fe, Fi, Mo Matelyn,” please help me out here)!

That paranthetical aside needs a caution sign or something…

Any way! The gym. Or, as Homer J. Simpson pronounces it “gyhme,” hence the title and the video:

Fun, right? Anyway, I went with my mom and while there was an initial lack of coordination on this machine that called itself the AMT, everything was awesome. I burned about 400 calories and got in my 45 minutes. Plus, I saw an intense episode of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.” Which made me feel like a total weenie for hanging in the safety of the Y.

Anyway, exhausted. Bed. Later, peeps!