As much as I’m chomping at the bit to move out of my parents’ place, there are the occasional perks to living at home. Mostly, my parents just let me be an adult and take care of my own nonsense, which is great because my completely boring and uninteresting life would be totally cramped if my parents were, like, totally in my face, man. Gag me.

80’s jargon aside, my mom packed me lunch this morning. I was running late to work and hadn’t packed my lunch and thought I’d be starving at work, subsisting on my little stash on tomato soup, but then, I got downstairs to a fully packed lunch. Plus, my mom made her delicious, amazing, most awesome, fantastic Chicken Salad Sandwich (TM) for my meal. It was a sweet and thoughtful gesture I totally appreciated.

I want to move out/up/on and get out of here ASAP, but that’s not in the cards this very moment. It will be soon and I’ll be extremely excited about it when it happens. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my roommates and the fruit snack filled lunch box surprises.

But if you happen to know someone with a _low_ rent apartment or a non-temp full-time position… Well, ya know.