Hey there,

You know who you are. *sigh* I regret that I’ve had to take to this medium to communicate, but I feel like I have no other way to reach you.

Every time I see you we share an awkward glance and I stumble a bit. Your presence certainly trips me up. The moments we conveniently run-in to each other seem a little more than a coincidence. It’s like the fates have conspired or the planets have aligned. There must be a divine reason for the seemingly never-ending amount of encounters we seem to share. Divine or devilishly inconvenient.

I’ve tried not heading to that room at the times I know you’ll be there, but you always seem to match my clock. It’s a strange predicament I’m in, because where the mere thought of you used to unnerve me, I find that I’ve come to accept you. Although, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be truly comfortable with you.

And so, person who brushes her teeth in the public restrooms, I guess I have to resign to the fact that you will always freaking be there.

Sincerely (learning to get over stage fright),