For the first time in my driving life, I locked my key on the front seat of my car.

Go ahead and laugh, my anecdote will be here when you’ve composed yourself.

Back? Fantastic. I’m usually very insistent on checking to make sure I have my key in my hand and for a couple of reasons. My car is like, totally baseline, no automatic windows, no cd player, no button that would turn on interior lights and certainly no key clicker or number pad on the door. The other reason? As a single woman I generally try to make extra doubley sure I have my key (and any other necessities) right in my hand, especially when walking to or from my car all by myself.

But this morning I was in a hurry to kill two birds with one stone by going to Walmart for my eye appointment and an oil change. My key is on a key carabiner  and I took it off so I could give it to the service folks, but of course it must have slipped out of my hand as I was gathering my purse and coat… Long story short the door was locked and shut long before I realized the key was sitting on the front seat.

Called my folks who told me they had an appointment, but would come get me later. So I was stressed as I headed to my eye exam, but everything worked out ok. My vision still sucks, but my prescription didn’t change too much. The eye doctor I saw was nice and I ended up getting to run some grocery errands.

Best part though? I got to have an impromptu lunch with Dad since he had to bring the key. My parents have been so busy and I’ve only really gotten to spend time alone with Mom, so the trip to Red Robin was awesome.

Also great? Epic Saturday Afternoon Naps. Seriously.

Enough of my exploits. I’m gonna get back to watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s just a jump to the left…