Woot! I’m all pumped up after the season premiere of Chuck, so I apologize if this post gets a little more goobery than usual.

So, my first interview for Second Cinema happened today and it was quite the adventure. The interview took place at 2 and I left church at about quarter till 1 and after stopping at the Quizno’s, I was slated to get to the studio at about 1:30. Jammed out to to the radio (because that’s all my car has, if you’ll remember from last night’s tale) and got to the spot in Durham at around 1:30, I was early, but I thought I could kill time. The weird thing was, the are looked kind of like a residential area, so I had no idea if I’d gotten the place wrong. I decided to putz around the area for a bit to see what the area had to offer in the way of a distraction, but to no avail. Much to my surprise, even Durham has it’s own boonies. I headed back to the address, which looked like the Movie Makers studio pictures I’d seen on their site, but I was still a little confused. Put on some touch up make-up in the car and called my contact with Second Cinema, Josh, to see if the wooded area really was the place (it was) and he shortly there after pulled into the lot. Moral of that part of the story, if a road is called “Turkey Farm,” just assume the address will be addled with trees.

Josh and I set up in a nice little studio. The Movie Makers place is an organization that holds classes and such for kids to learn about movie-making and it really seemed like an ideal place to do that. Shortly there after, the very cool Rebecca showed up. She’s the student film maker I was to interview and it was obvious she had a lot of passion for cinema and she was a real pleasure to talk with. True fact: she’s been making movies since she was nine!

Josh set up the cameras and I set up the interview and then we just rolled. According to them, I did ok! It totally helps that Rebecca was easy to speak with and that she knew what she wanted to say about her projects. Asking the questions just came naturally after all of my great journalism training from high school (not a joke, my teacher seriously taught me well). It was definitely fun and I’m just happy to have done a good job. It’s so much fun to be involved in something to do with cinema and the Second Cinema crew is definitely a blast to work with. Yea, I ended that with a preposition, what of it?

The interview is supposed to be online this week so I’ll definitely direct y’all that way when it happens. In the mean time, y’all have a great night…

And watch Chuck tomorrow!!!!!! Review may come up tomorrow, but I may wait till Tuesday since the Chuck is back on its real time tomorrow at 8pm. We’ll see what happens.