VH1’s show “Tough Love” may be the reason my heart beats for reality shows. Seriously, this show is goes so far beyond hot messery it brings it all the way back around again to fantastic.

It’s late in the season so I’m gonna just review what’s happened so far in a very succinct way: a bunch of women have gone to L.A. to get some “Tough Love” from Matchmaker Steve Ward. They have varying degrees of dating issues (trust issues, craziness, party-er, addicted to negativity, etc.) but what it boils down to is that nothing they’ve done before seems to be working for them and they can’t find a steady relationship.

Before we get into this week’s episode, I’m gonna put this after a jump in case anyone may be afraid of spoilers. Also, I wanna try the whole jump cut thing and provide you with a gif.

As a side note, this gets slightly more serious and less humorous then I was intending. My apologies. I’ll step on a banana peel if you really want some yucks.

Ok, Sunday the episode was all about reconciling the past with the present. Which, yes, is totally vital before embarking on any committed relationship, but because it’s a reality show and it’s all about the BAM! emotional sucker punch effect, the girls had no idea who was coming or what to expect whilst they entertained their dates.

A few of the girls got family members to show up (Sally, Kenisha, Taylor) some of them had exs (… pretty much everyone else). Everyone did pretty decent about making equal time for her dates and her guests (Tina had to be scolded by Steve to flirt better). Well, everybody except for Jenna. This is Jenna:

Very pretty, yes? Well she has terrible (or as C.Barkley would say: turruhble) self-esteem due to her long battle with weight. She’s shed the pounds and is very healthy physically, unfortunately that good health hasn’t connected with her body image. She seems very smart and like she has a good sense of humor, but her low self-esteem keeps her from making positive choices about dating… and a lot of other things, but that’s not the point tonight.

Tonight it’s about her choices regarding her “friend,” Jeremy.  She’s known this guy for 9 years and has strong feelings for him because he was there for her when she was heavier and blah blah blah. On the show she says that she has feelings for her and he says he’s happy _just_ being friends. She should have showed him the door and went to entertain her guest.

But instead, Jenna did what a lot of girls do. She sobbed into his arms and then yelled at him and then she begged him to stay then she made him leave (rinse and repeat). Steve made the great point of saying that guys like Jeremy feed off of the attention they get from girls like Jenna, but manipulate them because they want nothing more than attention. This is very relatable, but unfortunately I feel like some of my peers get stuck in this emotional vacuum rut with guys that only want you to fawn over them, but never want a relationship. This goes both ways, gentlemen! So keep that in mind guys and girls, if someone wants all of your attention but none of the commitment and you’re getting hurt, at some point you gotta let go.

Apparently sparks will fly next week, which will be amazing.

For a small dose of humor, Liz, the resident southerner said that being reunited with her lurve Dave she felt that the “butterflies are back and they’re all scurrying around.”

Oh Liz, may your butterflies scurry and your caterpillars take flight.

Coming soon, I talk about Chuck!