Ok, so I know I teased Chuck recap post for tonight, but I used my marketing brain and realized that it’d probably be best for the show to recap it on Sunday so that way people may be more inclined to watch it on Monday. And if you have a problem with this, blah. Take it up with my supervisor.

There were a couple of short prompts I found that I thought were interesting enough, so I thought I’d do just a few.


  • M&M Candies “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands.” Miller Lite “Tastes great, less filling.” Describe yourself (or your writing) in ten words or fewer. (Original Prompt Here)

Katelyn: “You’ll go with the flow, or you’ll go crazy.”
Katelyn: “She’s slightly above average!”
“Penned Down, it’s free and we’re in a recession!”
Katelyn: “Will work for a future. Her own, that is.”
Katelyn: “8-year-old’s name, 4-year-old’s sense of humor.”
Katelyn: “Cannibals be warned, she’s probably gamey.”
Penned Down: “If you wanted quality, why were you on the internet?”
Penned Down: “Yep, still not interesting.”
Katelyn: “Bringing self-deprecation to new heights (lows?)!”
Penned Down: “So uninformative, even Chinese Google won’t block it!”
Katelyn: “Yeppers.”

  • Write the last line to an unwritten novel that’s so intriguing that others won’t help but want to read the book. Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer. (Original Prompt Here)

And let it be known that when Hans heard Grace’s final words, “Give it back,” he knew what he had to do. All the fighting, all of the tears and all of the planning, none of it matters as much as letting go. He’d assumed there’s be some regret when this moment came, but then and there he was ready to hand it over. Caralyn would finally get what she’d deserved all along.

  • You’ve accidentally dialed the wrong phone number, but the person who answers sounds familiar. Immediately he/she recognizes you, but because made the call you’re too embarrassed to ask who it is. Using only dialogue, figure out who the person is. You can post your response  (500 words or fewer) here. (Original Prompt Here)

(After realizing it’s not the number I meant to dial)
Me: Uh… Hey, how’s it going?
Other Line: It’s great!
Me: *sigh* Tony, can we leave the cereal out of this?