Truth be told, I’m not feeling too well tonight. I thought about talking for a bit about the Conan/Leno thing, but that was yesterday before the earthquake in Haiti.

I’m not gonna say much, because… Well, I’d just be adding noise. There are families grieving and a town left in ruin. I’m definitely praying for all those affected, as I know people all over the world are doing. But just as a side note, check out the Red Cross’s site or other places online and see about what, if anything you can do… Also, tonight my mom had on a political pundit show on briefly and they were talking about the cost of our country’s involvement. Listen, I know things like this can get political and I know our country’s deeply in-debt, but let’s just focus on sending positive support, ok? Thanks.

Anyway, here’s a picture that speaks more than I ever could…

If you’d like to see more here’s a link that has some pretty powerful photos. As a word to the wise, some of the pictures are graphic.

Pray, y’all.