Excuse me if this post is a bit disjointed, but I happen to be writing and watching the Golden Globes and existing off of cold medicine… Which makes me slightly less inebriated then everyone else at the award show right now. And oh, hey, Zac Levi is on right now. The planets they have… no, they have not aligned, NBC just needs to do some good PR cross-promotion in light of their royal mess up with the Tonight Show. Well, on to the review-cap.

1st and 2nd seasons, Chuck Bartowski downloads a computer into his brain that holds all of the government’s super spy secrets. He meets his handlers, Casey and Sarah, who help/save him when they get into their serious hijinks. Chuck falls in love with Sarah and they have a back and forth type deal. He has a sister and her awesome fiance (now husband) that live with him (or is it vice-versa). And he works at a “Buy More,” a copyright free Best Buy, where many of the spy type things go down after hours and where many of the jokes happy during the business day.

That sorta kinda sums up the first and second season, now for the three shows that premiered/aired last week. Lets kick it off!

I’m gonna lump the first two episodes together since they both aired on Sunday and let’s be honest, y’all, there’s three hours of show for me to rundown and I’ve gotta wake up early tomorrow. Some of us with temp positions don’t get off on holidays.

Ok, so on Sunday, Chuck came back to a roaring start. Chuck failed out of his spy training, because naturally he can’t be good at it initially, because that’s not comedy, but he’s earnest in his desire to be a spy. However, his need to be a spy has driven a wedge between him and Sarah. Sarah cares for Chuck because of his “non-spyness,” he’s a kind, caring guy who looks out for the people around him and she worries that Chuck fully evolving into a spy would take away the humanity in him that she loves so much. So, Chuck fails out of spy training and looses his girlfriend. The focus of the first episode is Chuck sneaking his way onto a mission so that he can prove he’s got what it takes to be a spy, which, naturally, he does, because, hello, the show is called Chuck. But he does it in a way that’s also fitting for his character. The creators have taken care to make sure that the nerdiness and unbridled geek joy remains and that’s what really ties this show together. If it was just a spy show, it wouldn’t quite have the heart that it does considering it’s basically every vide gamer’s dream come to life (be a hero, get the girl, kick ass, etc.). So Chuck gets wrangled back into the care/tutelage of the NSA/CIA since he’s proven himself worthy with a guitar solo and a killer punch. The next episode brings back another lady spy (Corrine, we’ve seen here before, 2nd season, I believe) who’s covering as an arms dealer’s fiance. This episode is pretty much there for Chuck and Sarah to explore their feelings (also for Morgan to get with a hot chick) and explore it they do. They settle on the every lame “Just Friends” title, but despite what they’ve said, stolen glances shall persist!

Monday’s episode brought in another dynamic that started last season: Chuck’s brother-in-law Dr. Devon (Capt. Awesome) knows that Chuck is a spy, which puts a heap of worry on Chuck consider that his biggest goal has been to protect his family. Cap’n Awesome gets called in to be the doctor of a former foreign dictator, because… that’s the plot. Anyway, leader is saved, Doc Awe gets invited to a ball and so does Ellie (the wife) and Chuck, because third wheels always get invited to foreign embassy balls (but mostly Chuck has been told by his boss that he needs to go because the Armand Assante could be getting whacked)! Chuck goes with Sarah and Devon asks Chuck about the realness of the relationship while Ellie questions Sarah, awkwardness ensues. Sarah and Chuck discover who the killer is and Casey tries to take him out, but Devon thinks Casey is the assassin and knocks him on his butt, then Devon is made hero and Casey goes to embassy jail. Naturally, the NSA has decided to let Casey fend for himself because they have to deny any awareness and Chuck and Sarah have to come up with an idea. Then the assassin tries to kill Assante again and Devon gets called back in (and dude, assassin, if your poison attempt has failed to immediately kill someone once already, maybe try a pistol with a silencer, yes?) to try and save the guy. Chuck and Sarah go as his doctor helpers, save Casey, get discovered, Chuck “flashes” on some doctoring skills and saves the day! Seriously this show is a lot better than that piss-poor recap made it seem, but ya know…

We’re unfortunately left with a bit of a cliff-hanger, because at the end of last week’s episode we find out that Admiral Dev’Awesome has been captured (killed? it’s not really clarified, because there’s whispering, but we see Devon in the promos for this week’s episode, so, there’s that). Definitely tune in this week to see how Chuck saves the day and generally remains adorable. I’ll try and be better about writing recaps the night of or day after and posting them Sunday so that they’re fresher in my mind, but for now, this is what you get.

I’m off to learn Chuck Fu!