Something about feeling sick just makes you want to suck down some chicken soup will curling up in a comforter while watching daytime TV. Of course, I’m not nearly as sick as I was/felt on Thursday and since I’m a temp with no benefits or sick days to speak of, curling up into anything is not really an option. But I did bring soup for lunch today, homemade chicken noodle, which happened to be delicious… and made me momentarily forget about working by myself for four hours. C’est la vie. But when I scurried out of work I headed home and hit the couch for some old school comforting.

I find that the “bear” faux fur blanket from Target is pretty much the best for inexpensive luxury with optimal comfort. A couple of well-worn pillows and some no-brain TV is best for sinus headache decompression. Sadly, childhood shows of yore like Sesame  Street weren’t on this afternoon when I got home at 5 (leaving at four has its perks) so, schaudenfraude tv was the next best thing: Maury, you are the father, of my total confusion.

So that was fun and helped me destress, but the best thing? Dayquil. This helped me survive through dinner. Delicious, delicious quesadillas.

But as much as I’d love to have been curled up in pjs all day long watching Big Bird and soothing my sore throat with these delicious popsicles, one childhood remedy I can still take advantage of is Vicks Vaporub Ohmygosh y’all this junk is the best. Before I put it on I was all “Unnghermph” but now I can think and speak clearly like the non-zombie I am.

Ok, now back to Chuck so that I can get to bed by 10. Bed by 10? Maybe I really am a kid again. Adulthood and childhood intersect in totally sucky ways.