Anyone so foolhardily optimistic as to believe the “figuring it out” notion suggests something much more divine  or universal than myself… Well, you’re just plum out of luck. In reality, it’s all about me.  I’ve figured out why I wanted to blog and it’s a really selfish reason. I don’t care that no one is reading, I don’t care that most of what I write is meaningless and I don’t care that nothing I say here will ever hold any weight for anything.

I care about what I’m passionate about, which happens to be writing. And since I’m an adult (!!!) now, I need to care about the discipline it takes to cultivate my passions. To not practice writing every, single day is a waste of my mind and my dreams. Talent is debatable in this point and negligible. Write now I’m literally sitting in a job where all I do all do is remind students all day how to log in or buy access or yadda yadda, basically not my dream job. But it’s a job and in this economy, with my situation and my parents’ situation, I need to take whatever job I can. The fact of the matter is, I’m stuck. I’m not in marketing. I’m not in graphic design. And I’m not in advertising. If self-promotion was a payable career, I’d be receiving benefits, but ya know. Anyway, I don’t have my dream job, so I need to be working on my dream.

I want to write.

No matter what I do, I want to be writing. And I’m not talking about for monies. I’m not talking about for publishing. I’m talking about for fun. I want to have fun. Writing is fun.

So read this blog or don’t at least you know now a little bit more about the audience I’m catering to, which, would of course be crickets. This would also explain why that when I realized this afternoon that I’d be seeing Avatar tonight (_much_ more on this later), I knew I wouldn’t have time to blog, so I’d need to blog during the sporadic moments of free time at work. Why would I stress myself out if nobody is reading this? Nobody would be mad if I broke my promise. In fact studies have shown that by this time most of the people who made resolutions have already broken them, so why should I care?

The fact of the matter is, this isn’t for you.

Night all! I’m off to see blue kitties in THREEEEEEE DIMENSIONSSSSSS!!!!

This video has been added because you know what? I needed some inspiration. Don’t question a video that uses Fozzi Bear.