You know I find it fascinating some of things people don’t know. Myself included. As much as I love learning what people know, I think you can also learn a lot about someone by what they don’t know. And I mean that in a completely respectful way… Like, “pop.” To some people it’s what a bubble does when it bursts and for others it’s soda. Being ignorant of something isn’t necessarily a bad thing (being ignorant of certain laws can obviously get you in to trouble, but otherwise) it just means you were never made aware. Some schools don’t teach Hamlet, so If you don’t know what it’s about it’s ok. But I think the differences in people knowledge is always enlightening, because it can sometimes give you a better understanding of where they’re coming from.

At my job I’m constantly getting students who are taking advanced calculus courses or physics courses who are calling because they don’t know how to do certain things on the computer. A student today called because they didn’t know what “TBA” meant. It’s assumed that things like TBA (To Be Announced) and TBD (To Be Determined) are common knowledge, but they’re not. You’re not born knowing these things. Everybody has different experiences, so everyone has different levels of knowledgeability about.

The other thing that I find interesting is when someone, who is aware of an issue and some, if not all of the facts, concerning the issue, has yet to determine where he or she stands. Some people don’t know where they stand on gay marriage or the health care bill. They have yet to determine where they stand on the issue. Waffling  is a sin  to some folks, but the fact of the matter is nobody’s forcing you to decide.

I say all of this to say…

I don’t know about something. It has to do with something I thought I’d never tread into again, but now I’m considering it, which makes me nervous. It’s nothing bad or dangerous, but based on… ok, I’ll be honest, painful experiences in the past I’m just a bit burned. And as of right now, I can’t determine what I should do about it. I’m clearly not even sure if I should talk about it here. As a hint, it’s guy issues.

GAH! Even typing that was hard.

Ok, I’ll sleep on it. It’s obvious I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

I just hate not knowing.