At work right now we’re dealing with “rush,” which is the start of the semester, aka the start of the busiest time of the company. This basically means I’m handling about… 80 calls in 8 hours. Which may seem like not a lot to you, but many of the calls come in between 12-4 putting me at about 15 calls an hour back to back to back to back.

This tenses me all up and I know many people have jobs that are stressful, so here are some tips!

  1. Don’t tense up the muscles in the side of your neck while you’re talking to someone who’s being mean to you in order to not scream. The tense muscles will be sore later.
  2. Do make yourself laugh while you have about 15 seconds to yourself to think. I like to think of the put a little boogie in it joke, but do whatever works for you. Trying to touch your tongue to your nose when you know it’s too fat to reach also works.
  3. Don’t focus on negativity to long. Finding a timesuck on Facebook while distract you for the moment it takes you to forget how insane things are getting.
  4. Do watch this video:

  5. Don’t spill coffee on yourself. You’ll just end up having to deal with wet denim.
  6. Do have something to look forward to, like Avatar (or, as Arnold Schwarzenager says “JAYMEZ KAHMRAHNZ ABAHDAH!”) with a good friend.

Hope you enjoyed that. And remember, don’t take it too seriously.