After an extremely stressful day at work and an awesome wind down with the folks, I’m brain dead. I watched The Hurt Locker and thought about blogging about it, Precious and Avatar, but I just can’t even function. I’ll do that tomorrow, promise.

But since I’m bread dead I can’t even think about writing something. I’ll just grab some points to talk about.

  • My dad, mom and I discussed the five best songs over coffee. We obviously could not come to any type of consensus, but we had a ton of fun discussing how impossible it is to think of your top five favorite songs of all time are.
  • The french very rarely use “w.” Their “wah” sound comes from “ou.” You know, like in the word “oui.” Just thought you should know.
  • I say “you know” way way way way way too much. I think I have a deep seeded paranoia that no one is listening to me babble.
  • Girl scout cookies help everything.

I need to stop temping and find a permanent job. I want to do something I’m passionate about.

Maybe I should figure that junk out. 22 is a weird place to be in. I hate transitional places. I’m gonna figure my life out soon.