This awards’ season movies that people have been talking about I’ve actually been able to see. Some have been getting comments for writing, visuals, acting and/or directing, but there seems to be some truly great aspects to all of these films. Let’s discuss some of these films, shall we?

Avatar is obviously the film getting the most press. It’s  decent movie, to be sure. Best picture, Hollywood Foreign Press? I think not. I saw it for the second time on Thursday and for the first time in 3D (and IMAX, for that matter). While the visuals are stunning in general, they are definitely enhanced in IMAX 3D. It was amazing to see the baby fine hairs at the crown of Neytiri’s forehead feel just as tangible as the arrow and dragon. Seriously, the detail in the aesthetics is… ballistic. James Cameron desires a lot of respect for taking his imagination and just pouring it onto the screen.  And the ending battle is fantastic. But the story and pacing are lacking. I know a lot of people have made a comments pointing out that it’s basically Ferngully/ Dances with Wolves/ Pochantas in space, which… well it is. And seeing it a second time really highlighted the obnoxiousness of some of the dialog. But if you want to see some really beautiful and breathtaking imagery and can stand the almost three hour run time with a story that you’ve heard a thousand times before, it’s worth checking out.

Checking out, not drooling over like it’s the most amazing piece of cinema to come into existence. There are much, much, much better films out there today. One film that touched my heart was Precious. For a film that carried such pain a heartache there was also this amazing hopefulness that was present during the film. The story was incredible and I don’t know how you could leave the theater not feeling something for the characters. All of the performances were so raw and incredible, if you’re interested in acting at all the film is a must see. Regardless though it’s a film people should see at least once to become more aware of different way of life.

Another eye-opening film that I just recently saw was The Hurt Locker. It was so intimate and so powerful. Again the performances by the key characters are superb. You feel so close to the soldiers as they work through their incredibly difficult mission, it’s almost claustrophobic. The directing makes a very difficult subject matter feel so… close to home. As someone who doesn’t have a close family member in the military and who has never served in the military, I felt like I knew so much about the experience. It was phenomenal. Also, it’s a film that’s great for guys. Seriously check it out.

Lastly, but definitely not least, (500) Days of Summer. Such a great film about heartache and hope (and I mean that in a completely different way then Precious). It will make you feel much better about life than the past two films and it’s very sweet, without being saccharine. The writing is great, too, evening if the ending is a smidge cheesy. If you’ve ever been hurt by love, empowered by love, impacted by someone else, this film will speak volumes for you.

All of the past three films are better works of cinematic story telling than Avatar, but they seem to not quite be getting the accolades they deserve. Which is an outright shame.

Ok, I guess that’s enough from me. Tell me what you think and what movies you’d give awards to.