Last week’s episode of Chuck seemed to be the official “conflict” kick-off for this season, which was nice. What works about the show is that Chuck is often confronted with the fact that no matter how ernest he is and how much he tries and how badly he wants to do well, there will always be a much better Hollywood spy. Not only did Chuck have to deal with the lingering reminder that Captain Awesome is better than him in every way (so much so that a professional spy thought it’d be illogical to assume that anyone else in the household could be working in espionage), but he has to deal with a new spy swinging in from the rafters ready to save the day.

Naturally, Chuck ends up getting up with Devon and he and the crew pull a debriefing to see what happened. This leads to the boss deciding they should follow the opportunity to discover more about the bad guys, which of course leads to Devon getting a bomb strapped to his ear. Because, well, that’s how evil villains work. Devon is then instructed over his spy phone to go kill someone, which Chuck and the crew end up doing for him (Chuck does not “stay in the van,” as the usual wont is for this show, but Casey and Sarah end up getting locked in the van by the bad guy girl and the NSA boss-lady, weird). When Chuck gets to the room where they’re supposed to kill the dude, Dude turns out to be very dapper and insists that  Chuck should kill him. Chuck can’t, Dude swallows a pill, there’s some gun handing over and then evil spy, Angie Harmon, comes in and continues to assume that Devon is Captain Awesome Spy and she exits stage left. Dapper Dude is revived and he joins the crew as per the instruction of NSA boss lady, because yea, he’s taking over this mission now.

Chuck of course is worried for his family’s safety so he steals the secret baddie cell phone and convinces the bad guys to come to the Buy More under the belief that he’s the real spy (which, technically, yes, but also, very much, technically no). There’s about to be a fight and Chuck logically calls his backup crew to bail him out, but Dapper Dude says that this is against what he wanted so Chuck is on his own. Casey and Sarah see Chuck take a few licks over the security cam and eff the idea of letting Chuck “handle” anything and go in to save the day. Angie Harmon is shot and Devon is safe because the Ring operatives work in “cells” and blahblahblah plot contrivances, whatever. Chuck and crew can breathe easy. As the folks meet at Chucks for his bachelor pad “home sweet home” party, Dapper Dude Spy watches on longingly and then stares at a ring. To be continued.

Also great in this week’s show? Morgan was made Assistant Manager at the Buy More and ended up having to break up an insane Fight Club at the Buy More. It was too funny.

Ultimately it was a great set up for what’s sure to be a fun story arc for a few episodes. Dapper Dude provides intrigue and Chuck is still trying his hardest to not Get Smart the whole thing (an astute observation from my dad).

Same old fun quips and enough to get you ready for next week. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristen Kreuk are set to guest star in the upcoming episode, so that should be fun.