Let me start off by being honest, almost quarterly, without any plan, I have this intense desire to watch BBC’s Pride and Prejudice. Keep in mind that this is a mini-series several hours long. I don’t care. I usually do laundry or eat some launch or what have you and sometimes it will get spread out over a weekend, but I have to watch it. This is borderline insane behavior, but whatever, Ehle and Firth forever!

Lovelovelove Miss Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

But I guess what I really should be saying is that I adore the Austen universe. So naturally I’ve been pretty excited about PBS’s broadcast of BBC’s Emma. The miniseries seems to be very good so far and I can’t wait to see the conclusion next week for the story I already know the ending of.

Also in my ardent love for Austen’s romance I’m resolving to read and reread her novels this year… And because I ardently love to hate stupid romance chick-lit type junk (satire has to be balanced by saccharine), I’m reading Jane Austen Ruined My Life, which is also helping me keep in line with my resolutions (I’m reading). So far I’ve discovered that two people with PhDs in literature can have a casual conversation and make a joke about the irony of a situation… EVEN THOUGH THE EXAMPLE THEY USE IS NOT IRONY!!!

Do not start me on my irony v. coincidence rant, Lord, could I go on… Alanis Morissette.

But anyway, since I’m immersing myself in Miss Austen’s realm and embracing her passion for romance and frivolity, I’ll probably be a hopeless & wistful (mostly hopeless) romantic for a little while. I apologize if my posts sound sappy or sentimental.

But I will not apologize for using words like “thither” and suggesting that one “may be mistaken.”