Ok, 5 minute timed writing prompt. The idea here is to spend five minutes writing, not editing and then just post it. Let’s go.

I’m beginning to feel that if we’ve got to go on, then we’d best get it over.

(Original prompt here)

I’m not sure I quite get what this prompt is referring to. Seriously, what’s “it” that we have to get over. But I love the idea that there’s a finality to one step then the next. At some point, you’ve got to close a chapter to get to your next part of your life. I guess some people like to hang on to things. Especially with relationships, people will cling to what they’ve already experienced, even if there’s a better opportunity elsewhere.

I also like the idea that the speaker is literally getting over something. It reminds me of those kids in Stand By Me that went on their adventure to find a dead body. You’ve gotta get over the physical obstacles in life to find your dead body.

Or something. The gym was fun tonight. And I know I’ve got to learn to get over the overwhelming cravings I have for donuts in order to lose weight.


Time’s up. And my bedtime was long ago. Ok, kiddies, goodnight.