There is a lot of grumbling about there being some snow/ice/wintery mix/crap sometime Friday night and maybe all day Saturday. They’re calling for obscene amounts of precipitation and around these parts that is never a good thing. Sadly for our area, rarely do we ever get 3 inches of nicely perfect snow. No, what we usually get is ice/rain/snow that turns into gray slush all over the land. It’s not that pretty. Last winter we had a few pretty days of snow, but that was such a rare occurrence I’d be shocked if it happened again.

Regardless of what ends up falling, my state does not handle it well. In fact I think the RTP might handle massive spontaneous wildfires better than it handles snow/ice. The January of my senior year of high school we had some snow which ended up being maybe about half an inch of ice in some places, which wouldn’t have been too bad had people not freaked out. Children had to stay overnights in schools, people were abandoning their cars on major roads because traffic was at a standstill, some people were stuck in traffic for about 5 hours on a route that normally would have taken about 45 minutes. This, of course, made national news and basically everyone in America made fun of us because we just couldn’t get our acts together. Yep, definitely a proud moment.

That having been said, lemme give a few tips for those of you who have a tendency to lose your mind if you see wet, cold stuff falling from the sky.


I don’t care if you have 4-wheel drive or not, stay inside. People tend to zoom around ON ICE like their cars can handle it, but it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, if there’s ice it can be dangerous. If you need to drive, drive prudently. Be careful of wind, black ice and other nastiness.

Ok, that’s about it. Be safe, Carolinians! And please don’t embarrass me on national news any more, mmk?