Today was a snow day! We had about 5 inches or more around the area and while the white was beautiful, the gross icy rain kept me inside. That meant pancakes and chicken noodle soup and mimosas and good movies and TV and just being comfy and lazy all day.

In case you couldn’t tell, having a reason to be lazy is great around my house. My parents were ecstatic not to have to do anything today, they’ve been so busy lately. A forced winter vacation was just what they needed. Also, I’m in a totally cozy mood and spent no time today thinking about what I should write about, so I’m gonna do a prompt.

Please enjoy!

I tried to do what he wanted. It wasn’t enough.

(Original prompt here)

I tried to do what he wanted. It wasn’t enough. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like. It’s weird, in class I feel invincible, but as an intern I’m all thumbs. Working for the firm has been… difficult. Until now, I’ve never felt like I’d be less qualified to be a lawyer then I do now, but here I am, completely blowing my shot by screwing up my internship. I’m trying. That’s obvious to everyone here, I’ve practically made my mark all over the office. I broke the stapler while I was filing, spilled coffee on my desk mate’s mouse, ordered the wrong food for the boss. Could there be a worse intern? But I am putting in the effort. I get all my research in on time, take the best notes at meetings… I guess I’m not that awful. Except for when my boss catches me daydreaming, like I was just doing. I’ll never make it.


I went longer than my five minute time limit, but I was weirdly distracted. Mostly by the fact that I wanted to do a fiction story about a law student intern.


Anyhoodle, time for bed. Have a great day, y’all!