Last week’s episode of Chuck was great. It really feels like the show is back on its full footing after its hiatus. The first few episodes the creators seemed to need to work quickly to fill in gaps, but now that they’ve gotten over the hurdle, they’re cooking with gas.

As always, spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode. This time I’m gonna put it after the cut.

Chuck invites you to come in & get comfy.

Chuck versus First Class was great. Sometimes shows have trouble when they’re working on a limited set, but despite that fact that most of the scenes were shot in Castle and on a plane (B-plot scenes in Buy More, not withstanding) the show didn’t feel boring at all.

Dapper Spy (his name is Shaw, but, come on Superman, we know why you’re here: to be handsome) tells Chuck he thinks that Chuck can go out on a solo mission, which Chuck is totally stoked for this mission (despite Casey and Sarah’s warning) and couldn’t be more excited to get another chance to prove himself. The catch is that the mission is in Paris, so he’ll be on a plane unchaperoned from LAX to CDG (Paris), which is  a pretty long flight. Chuck gets on the flight and meets Hannah (Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame) who’s a tech head on her way to Paris because she works as a consultant and flies back and forth between LA and Paris. Chuck, not wanting to seem like the n00b he is, says he’s been to Paris many times and that he works in high-end retail. The chat and flirt adorably and Chuck wins her over by being his nerdy & charming self.

Soon Chuck’s reverie is interrupted, however, when Dapper Shaw calls to inform him that dundunduuhhhhhh Chuck’s actual mission is on the flight. Because of course it is. Chuck has to retrieve a file card from a Ring agent, played by Stone Cold Steve Austin, who, I’m sorry to say, has a catchphrase, I’m sure, but I just can’t remember it in order to cheesily insert it here. Consider yourselves spared. Anyway, Chuck is supposed to use a pen with sleeping chemical in it in order to sneak past the agent and sneak into the cargo hold (huzah for national security) in order to steal the agent’s glowing thumbdrive. Chuck  fumbles initially when he has to squirt the sleeping chemical, but he sticks the landing and slides past the flight attendant to get into the cargo hold.

He makes it down there and discovers that the thumbdrive is in a casket (!!!) and he’s forced to go in to get it. Unfortunately, the agent has woken up thanks to a nifty watch alarm with a taser and has come to the cargo hold to get him. Chuck panics and calls Casey, since Shaw has insisted Chuck do this “on his own,” and Casey gives him the pep talk he needs to find the fencing equipment from the college kids and then flash on how to fence and then fence his way to victory!

Chuck has the thumbdrive and goes back up to flirt with his new found lady friend. He sips from a drink then he realizes he’d never ordered it to begin with. Suddenly he feels sick and rushes to the bathroom to call Shaw and Sarah at Castle. SURPRISE! He’s been poisoned. A flight attendant pops in the cramped stall with him and springs a gun on him. SURPRISE! Two ring agents. SURPRISE! Shaw knew about the 2nd agent and Sarah is PISSED at him. Chuck gets dragged into the cargo hold by the attendant and Stone Cold. They threaten him and Chuck says he’d only be able to hand over the thumbdrive with his commander’s orders. They get Shaw on the horn and he bluffs long enough for a remote control link to be put in place so that Sarah could fly the plane from Castle (no, seriously). She does some fancy flying and the agents get jostled, Chuck runs to grab his nunchucks (he brought them, just in case), but sadly Chuck will be unable to go all teenage mutant ninja turtle on them because the luggage has pummeled them. Oh well, nunchuck it up later, Charles, you’ve got to go flirt with your lady!

When Chuck catches up with Hannah, she calls him out on the fact that he doesn’t act like he’s been to Paris, or that he’s a first class regular. He admits that he works at the Buy More in the Nerd Herd (omits his spy credentials). She admits that she’s really been fired and that she’s going back to Paris to clean out her office (quel dommage!). He commiserates and she says she’d love to show him the Eiffel Tower. All together now, “AWWWWWW!” Sadly it is not to be, Shaw tells Chuck he has to stay on the plane and come back to LA. Chuck is not allowed to even leave the plane (so sad), he tells Hannah that his install for the rich dude has been canceled, but offers her a job at the nerd herd. She smiles and they share a moment. So cute! (I’m sure that this will cause issues for Sarah “Let’s just be friends” Walker, which should be fun). When Chuck is back in the Burbank Buy More, she comes in to take him up on his offer. To be continued, naturally.

The B Plot at the Buy More was great. Morgan is still be harassed for being the new “Ass. Man” (yay Seinfeld jokes!) and cannot stop the others from pranking him mercilessly. Casey is somehow recruited to be Morgan’s muscle and scares the crap out of everyone but Lester and Jeff. Naturally, Casey kidnaps Lester and brainwashes him to love Morgan and respect him as his boss. This proves to be hilarious and that Casey has a screw loose. But clearly his funny bone is still in tact.

In a Aha! moment, Shaw reveals that he’d lost his wife in the field and he admonishes Sarah to never fall in love with a spy. She looks forlorn, because, y’all, she totally loves Chuck.

Next week should be fun. We’ve got Hannah and Shaw to stir up conflict and that should be fun. Tune in everybody!