Friday night at about 8:45 when I pulled in was the last time I left my house further than my driveway.

Soak that in.

Over 72 hours of being in the same house. Yesterday, I tried (miserably) to shovel some of my driveway. When you live outside of the city limits and about five miles from the main road, you have to accept the fact that the DOT has all but abandoned you. This is a hard thing to explain to certain people who live in apartment complexes where everything is salted and cleared almost immediately.

Also, my truck has no traction. The wheels have spun out on mildly damp roads at a 20 degree incline if I accelerated faster than 15 miles per hour. So natch, I’m a tad testy on ice. Most of the vehicles I’ve driven before have fared better in bad weather, but no matter. Tomorrow, I am trying to head to work safely.Because frankly, I’d rather end up in a ditch then stay in this house one more minute.

In summation, I love this song:

Ad if you’re wondering, yes, those are Portuguese subtitles. And yes this was the best quality version I could find of copyrighted material. Disney, please don’t sue!

Now if only I could find my maracas, I could sing along properly…