At about 8:30 today I was exhausted. Both am and pm, so, ya know, I’m not gonna be at my best for these type things such as blogging.

I thought I’d put it into list format, as I am wont to do whence I am full of slovenly blahness. Lessgo!

  • My car does not like ice in any form, patches, slush, chunks, etc. Ice and Rocko (my carro) are not friends at all. Fortunately, much of the nasty driving spots from this morning were clearer as I was driving back, so hopefully they’ll be good in the morning.
  • Cupcakes and the making of them brings back childhood memories. So, yay for finding out about potlucks last minute.
  • Also, I’m not sure I wanna jinx it, but I’ll give you a clue about the most exciting thing from today:

Hopefully that is cryptic.

Ok, night y’all.