Woah, a second writing prompt in six days? Sheesh, clearly I’m running out of ideas and topics. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to discuss, but because it’s a work in progress of some sensitivity… I can’t really say.

Gah, I am so mean.

Plus, ya know when you get so impatient and excited about something, but you don’t want to get too excited, so you end up harboring a lot of energy? No? That’s a just me thing? Fantastic. Well anyway, it makes even normal days tucker me out sooner because I’m all antsy.

Well y’all know the drill: I find the prompt and follow the rules. This is another five minute time limit prompt so let’s see if I can follow the rules this time. And….

In the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty too share.

(Original prompt here)

Sometimes you lose something that means something to you, but holds no real weight to anyone else. Like, last summer, my dog passed away. It was old age, he’d lived a great life and we were all with him in the end. But it still really hurt. But losing a dog isn’t something you can really talk about with folks, mostly because, and not to sound rude, but they don’t care. People understand that you’ve been hurt and they feel sorry for you, but to them, my dog was just a pet. But Haley was… was everything to our family. He shaped my childhood; he had his own charming personality; he had a pink nose with a black spot. He was a good dog and a great friend. But people don’t understand that. I guess that’s what this prompt is referring to. What other kind of loss could be considered empty? It’s what’s been taken from you, so it holds value. But there is always that emptiness from the loss of something close and personal. Of course that’s obvious. I guess the hurt is more acute, however, when, instead of focusing on the positives of what you had, you focus on what’s been taken, on the negative, on the loss.

And time.

Woah, that was a heavy prompt. Yeesh. Let’s cleanse the palette, shall we?