I’m giving myself ten minutes to try and talk about what happened today without telling everything that happened today, because I don’t wanna jinx it. Let’s make it happen.

This morning, the winter weather was an all time blah high. I left the house and the sky was grey after five minutes of driving it was snowing. Then, two minutes later it was hailing/freezing raining, then it was just pouring rain. This of course led to the worst traffic ever, but somehow I made it into work safely.

Then work was slow; it’s getting further into the semester so the calls are dying down, but there’ll be peaks of intense call periods. It was a good day to work late because it was such a low call volume, but it was kind of tough to not just start getting bleary-eyed. Thankfully though, things are super casual on Friday evenings and we all laugh and have a good time. Especially now that we’re not all trying to take calls every five minutes. Definitely a nice respite.

During my lunch break I had an awesome, awesome call. That will lead to something more, which could lead to something more. I know this is cryptic, but I don’t want to jinx this potential for change or compromise the place I’m in now.

I just really jam to opportunities.

Also, the weather on the way home was MISERABLE. It was pouring rain and the traffic was nasty, even though it was past 8. Ugh. But! I stopped at Sheeeeeeetz and got chicken sammich, it was so yum.

So, clearly the day ended well.

Well, as long as I make it to bed soon.