For those of you unaware of my optical woes, lemme give you the abridged version. I’ve had glasses since I was about six, but the optometrist who first fitted me sad I should have been wearing them longer. I’m astigmatic, which means my cornea is in the shape of a football instead of a baseball, which means my vision has been blurry.

Imagine being six years old, the tallest kid in class, and long brown straggly hair. Plus, I was the first kid to have glasses and the only kid to have glasses for a few years. Oh yea, I was teased. That being said, my parents, after getting my pre-braces bar, pretty much knew I needed to update my look or I’d be a casualty of elementary school, so they got me contacts when I was about nine (that’s right, I had braces at nine, I was one of the first kids with that headgear, too).

Naturally, even though I like being a geek and I’ve been told I look ok in glasses, I have sort of a sore spot when it comes to bringing out the specs. But, since I’ve got a new prescription and I’d like to start wearing my glasses more, I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair. Especially since my mom got a spiffy new pair today and she took me shopping with her.

We hit up Target and she picked out a really cute pair and we shopped for me a little bit, too. I found one pair I like, but I’m not sure. Glasses can be expensive (it’s not the frames that get you, it’s the lenses), so I’m not quite sure. Anyway, I thought I’d put it to y’all to see what you think.

These are the glasses:

Ok, y’all, sound off. Yes, no, maybe so?

Thanks in advance.