So rather than do a full recap, I’ve decided to just sort of discuss last week’s episode of Chuck. Obviously, this means if you haven’t watched it, you need to be aware of spoilers. Spoilers means a cut, so full the jump!

Chuck and Morgan want to talk to you about friendship... And boundaries.

Chuck is charming because of his earnestness and honesty. He’s eager to work and save the world and he wants to be truthful to the people he loves and cares about. This makes it almost… difficult to watch Chuck try and become more and more of a super spy and less of a super friend. Obviously I know this is going to lead to a story arc where Chuck either finds his roots (probably, definitely most likely) or eschewing his old life and becoming a spy extraordinaire (only likely if they need to end the series on a ridiculous note). In the last episode we see Chuck give up a potential friend to the CIA and lie through his teeth to his family.

These actions break Sarah’s heart and unsurprisingly so. Sarah adores (I’m reticent to say love) Chuck for his kindness and desire to be forthright and open and friendly. She likes that he’s not a cold-hearted spy and it’s hard to blame her for that. Her last boyfriend kept many secrets from her and she ended up thinking he was a double agent then he was killed and it was a very serious situation. Interestingly enough, as much as I understand her frustration, I wish she’d speak to him about it as opposed to pouting and acting like she doesn’t like him. That’s obnoxious, Sarah, Chuck is trying to be a spy to prove himself to you (and even more so, he is trying to prove his worth to himself). But no, Sarah has to look on grudgingly and not really say anything except that he should quit doing unsafe things. So, in regards to Sarah, I think she needs to speak up about Chuck… Otherwise he’s just doing what he’s always wanted to do- help others and be useful.

The other people I’m genuinely worried for (well, as worried as you can be for fake characters) are Ellie and Morgan (and to a lesser extent, Captain Morgan). They’re starting to poke around and trying to find out what Chuck’s secret is and I’m worried they’ll end up getting hurt. Or that it could seriously compromise Chuck’s position with the CSI (as a side note, I love that Chuck works for the CIA, but still only reports to a NSA general, ha, Hollywood ideas of government agencies…).

Regardless, I’m interested to see how the whole Chuck’s a liar, liar, pants on fire thing works out.