In a lot of ways, I’m totally weird. I’m sure this is a total surprise.


Thought so. Anyway, I’m so weird (HOW WEIRD ARE YOU?) that I was eligible for a scholarship in high school because I wrote an essay about how weird I am. True story. Well, as an adult I’ve tried to temper my weird quirks so that I could be less, well, quirky and more responsible. For example, now I’m  trying to commit to my resolutions and work on changing things, but putting just a little monetary investment into it. Some examples…

My lunch box!

I bought mine at Staples, but I've seen red ones at Walmart. But I sooo love these polka dots.

I really wanted to commit to making my lunches and as weird as it may seem, buying this adorable lunch box by BYO has really helped me to pack my lunch almost all the time. There has only been about two times that I haven’t packed my lunch for a meal, which is helping me save so much money.

My new running shoes!

Mine aren't exactly like these, but because my pair were on sale, they don't offer them online any more.

I’ve been trying to work out more, because, well, I need to, but my old shoes were starting to wear a bit more. I knew I was in the market for a new pair, but it wasn’t totally urgent. However, when Kohl’s was having a huge clearance I knew it was my time to upgrade and it has made a big difference. These shoes are much more comfortable and I’m more committed to getting to the gym and working out. For 20 bucks, they are totally worth it and are making a huge impact.

Some new wardrobe pieces…

My lovely new purple coat from

My favorite new cardigan from Gap

They say you should dress to reflect the where you wanna be in life and I’m trying to pick out some pieces that will help me in my career as I continue to grow. Hopefully. We’ll see.

Anyway, these little purchases are really helping me to grow up and stay committed to the changes I want to make. It’s kind of nice.

Also, rewarding yourself with a latte every now and then helps, too.