You have no idea how much I wish I could write about something else right now. I’m bursting at the seems to blab about something, but I can’t quite yet! I’m also totally nervous and wrought with the anxiety of ridiculous anticipation. Which is awesome, sad, silly, great and nerve-wracking all the same time.

Bottom line is, since I can’t write about what I wanna write about and I need to hit the hay early (which is why I’m at work late, but blogging early)… I’m gonna focus my attention on something else.  A writing prompt.

The following prompt came from here, but there are no rules so I’m going to keep my time flexible. I don’t have to write for a specific length of time, but I can’t spend more than ten minutes on it. So let’s kick it off with the prompt!

“Hot or cold?  Compare or link someone close to you to a type of breakfast cereal.  Explain your thinking through writing.”

When I first read the prompt, I thought of how much my mom adores oatmeal. Steel cut, made fresh and sprinkled with dried berries, nuts and cinnamon. It always smells warm and inviting and like a fresh harvest or those  September days in Carolina, where it’s a little bit frosty in the morning, but bright in the afternoon. I guess my mom, if she had to be like any type of cereal, would be like oatmeal. Not because she’s lumpy. She’s not. Not even a little bit. But because she’s so comforting. She makes hers fresh in a pot and it simmers for a while and she’s very patient and likes to spend her time mulling things over. Plus, even if I’m not always in the mood for oatmeal, it’s always good for me… But she’s not plain oatmeal, not in the slightest. She’s full of different things that make her less bland and not a typical suburban mom. The dried berries and nuts are good for you and sweet, which balances out the steady flavor of the grains. But also like oatmeal, my mom isn’t necessarily the best when ice cold. But most people have their not so great moments. My mom however, is generally awesome. Just like oatmeal. And if you hate on oatmeal, substitute it for cheese grits. But are yum.

My brother, is probably like peanut butter captain crunch. With a side of bacon. Because he’s weird and fun and can sometimes cut the ruff of your mouth, but he’s sooo the breakfast food you wanna hang out with.

My dad? A doppio with eggs &. Fast and too the point, my dad’s like a standard breakfast with a better twist on the original.

Me? My first guess would be a strawberry and creme cheese blintz. But that could just be because I’m hungry.

And done.

Totally pooped out on the descriptors later on there, but food was making my tummy grumble. Seriously, is there ever a bad time for breakfast?

Nope. But there is a good time to get a move on.