Last Sunday, I went to the Carolina Theatre in Durham.


Sadly, I wasn’t there at night to see it as pictured, but it’s still a super cool building. And, if you couldn’t tell, it’s sort of historic and junk. It’s  lovely on the inside,most definitely incredibly beautiful, to be sure. But then again I have a penchant for old buildings, I always feel like they hold such neat stories.

Anyway, I went to the theater to interview Jim Carl about the upcoming Nevermore Film Festival. He was such a great interview because he was clearly excited about the film festival and the films that will be showing. Next week February 19-21, they’ll be showing some really neato looking horror/sci-fi and other genre films. Also, a zombie walk on Saturday at 2.

Definitely check it out.

I’ll talk more about the interview later, maybe when it goes live, or after the actual film festival… Regardless, I’m tired, but you should still look into all of the events (including concerts) at the theater. So worth it.