Happy Presidents Day, y’all!

(Not pictured: Georgey's cake and brand new mattress)

Traditionally, the way to celebrate this particular holiday, is by purchasing a mattress. I, myself, have never observed this ritual, but I’m not a staunch Presidentialist. Because it’s an “official” holiday (quotes because, while I may consider National Donut Day completely and totally official, the United States Government does not recognize it as such… party poopers), banks, post offices and other business are closed for the day. Many of you bums folks may have celebrated this President’s Day by taking advantage of the fact that your work office was closed for the day. I am not jealous. Jerks.

But lucky for me, it wasn’t busy, so the day was mostly calm and quiet. So groovy. Well, as groovy as things can be when you’re still at work. After that, things got super awesome: pedicure!! Mom and I were supposed to go yesterday, but the place we had a gift certificate for was closed on Sunday, despite the fact that the hours on the storefront clearly listed Sundays as being open. But whatever, my toes are a lovely french tip pedicure and I feel relaxed and calm. Seriously, if you’ve never had a pedicure, there’s nothing better. It’s a foot bath/massage! Glorious.

After that… I did taxes! With help from my parents. And Tommy. And Heineken. But still, accomplished none the less. And after looking over my state and federal income taxes the fam and I had a sneaky suspicion that my taxes from last year may have been done incorrectly. And bam, they totally were, so we filled out an amendment for last year’s taxes and hopefully I’ll get all the money that’s due sometime soon. And double plus good? The feds do direct deposit. Small point of contention is the fact that the NC revenue folks are already saying that they’re running behind on refunds, so hopefully the feds will move quickly.

HA! Who am I kidding? Red tape =/= fast moving. Oh government, you obnoxiously cumbersome rascal, you.

Anyway, I think I’ve decided to forever eschew the idea of buying a mattress in honor of Presidents day.  From now on, on this most sacred holiday, I’ll get a pedicure and do my taxes. This way, when I get stressed out over the weird wording of the state income tax form (because, let’s be honest, the 1o40EZ is a piece of cake), I can look down at my freshly polished and massaged tootsies and smile.

The forefathers would have wanted it that way.

President Lincoln Agrees with Presidential Pedicures... FOR AMERICA!