Laissez les bons temps rouler!

That’s french for, “Let the good times roll!” Which is totally appropriate considering that today is Mardi Gras. AKA Fat Tuesday. AKA Shrove Tuesday. AKA Party before Lent day. AKA Pancake Day.

Apparently, in the UK, Pancake day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Since many people give up junk food and generally delicious dishes for Lent, Pancake Day came about as a way to celebrate the awesome types of foods you’d be missing if you chose to sacrifice for the 40 days.

I, unlike my lackadaisical approach to Presidents Day, will celebrate pancakes at the drop of a hat, so I decided to observe this tradition by fixing up some pancakes for dinner. I had a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and it was unbelievably delicious. Yum, yum, yum. The pancakes were made even more amazing by the fact that I’d had a nap before hand. Pancakes plus nap equals awesome. I also decided to eat the pancakes, because I’m doing Lent again this year. Even though I’m not Catholic, I’ve observed Lent for the past couple of years. I like the idea of self-sacrifice to understand someone else’s sacrifice. It generally makes you feel better about yourself, your mind, etc. And you actually become surprised at how much you crave the things you think you need when you’re not allowed to have them.

What I’m giving up? Sweets. It’s what I usually give up, but I’m so hooked it’s ridiculous. Plus, where I work there is always just free food about, which proves tempting, so I’m going to nix casual snacking as well. No more grazing, no more sweets. The only thing that I’m letting slide are my breakfast bars/drinks. Kashi & Fiber One snack bars are amazing and I just got a box, I won’t buy any more after I finish the box, but I’m not beating myself up over eating them for breakfast.

Ok, now that, that has been established, here’s a picture I got off EpiCute, which is one of the most adorable foodie blogs out there. The pictures are lovely and the food always looks like something straight out of Alice’s Wonderland Tea Party. Amazing.

This is an ode to all of the sumptuous treats I’ll be giving up till Easter. Trust me, I’m weeping.