Occasionally in these blogging parts, I’ll throw around the “distracted” excuse for why I can’t muster up a decent post. But today, more than ever, that excuse couldn’t hold more true. And I hate excuses. But really, y’all, my head has been in such a cloud. It’s almost exhausting how much energy you can exert trying to be patient by not acting like you’re waiting for something that has yet to come.

Wait, what?

I fear that last sentence may not make sense. Whoops.

Well, regardless I had a fun Dad Dinner Date with Pops. We went to Winston’s, which I haven’t been to in forever. The cashew salmon dish I had was amazing. And my dad and I had so much fun just talking and hanging out. He and mom leave for New Orleans tomorrow night, so I think they’re both a little excited to be heading to a new place.

No, seriously, WHAT SECRETS DO YOU HOLD!?!?

Also occurring during dinner?Dad and I watching curling, which was great, since neither of us quite knew what we were looking at. By the end of the meal I was pretty confident I knew how the game was played, but who knows what kind of secrets rocks on ice can hold.

Anyway, we had a fun night, but I’m still stressed out. But not too stressed out. Just… Clearly in need of some rest. Yeesh.

Also, I’m trying out a new layout. Lemme know what you think or if I should go back to the old one… Liking the colors anyway. Eh, I’ll sleep on it.