Y’all know the drill by now.

5 minutes on the clock.


They have their own thoughts.

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They have their own thoughts. At least, I always assumed as much about my toys. When I was a kid, stories like Goodnight Moon and the Velveteen Rabbit made my head swirl with this idea that things were… sentient, anthropomorphic, alive. When the movie Toy Story came out, my suspicions were confirmed. But I guess now I know better. Adulthood let my imagination wane and reality prevailed in all aspects of my life. As an adult sometimes it feels like even day dreams have lost their whimsy. Sometimes I still wish I could imagine that my favorite stuffed animal was as alive as she was when I was seven, but that’s not the case.


Ugh, I’m gonna be honest. That’s all I could muster folks. I apologize.

Lemme make amends.

Joseph Ducreux

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