Today's weather highs

Yup, it was beautiful today!

That should be enough to indicate to y’all that I was perfectly content to do very little today. It was the first beautiful day that we have had in a long time. Most of the weekends have been gray and/or rainy, but not only was this weekend sunny, today was warm! Awesome blossom. So, even though I was intending to go to an evening service of Vintage 21, I totally lost track of time when I was jogging and working out. Thank goodness tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy all day or I might have a hard time getting to work.

But that’s neither here nor there.

What else did I accomplish? I watched The Big Lebowski! I’d been meaning to watch the movie for a while, but had yet to have a perfect moment to do so. And since I was already in the mindset of “His Dudeness” (i.e. lazy, relaxed and going with the flow), I thought now would be the perfect time to catch the flick.

And it was great with my Chinese food and Bad Penny Beer. Bam, so good. And funny. And interesting. Definitely a movie to remember and I think I understand why there are “Lebowskifests.” The Dude has a lifestyle that many people aspire, too. He also has some great interior decorating skills.

It may not be the movie for you if you want something with a very defined resolution. Or a strong protagonist. Or a lot of non-weirdness. The movie is fun, but different. It’s the kind of movie that could define the quietly defiant slacker generation. And it has such an _awesome_ dream sequence. Jeff Daniels is great and so is John Goodman, but that’s not surprising for either actor. They’re both wonderful. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and it’s clear the movie has a huge following.

And if you’re wondering why else it’s a fun watch, the movie has soooo many quotables.

Walter and his dog

It has papers!

The rug really tied the room together.