New feature y’all, I’ve realized that occasionally I have a few topics floating around at the same time that would not make a good post individually, but that I’d still like to talk about. So I thought, why not do one of these every so often to get these things out of my head? And since you’ve yet to complain, boom, it’s happening.

A few fun things that have happened, let’s do a quick run down shall we?

  • I suck at waking up. It’s kind of insane the kind of dedication my body makes to sleeping as long as possible. I’ve been known to turn off alarms in my sleep. Yea. So, I knew I needed to try something new and so I decided to try something old school:

Double Bell Alarm Clock

It's so loud, I feel like I'm waking up in a firehouse

Honestly, that alarm clock is the most effective wake up call I’ve ever had. Morning win.

  • Did you know that rich people buy wallabies and keep them as pets? It’s true. My parents went to a party recently where the owners had their pet “miniature kangaroo” hopping around. And punching people. Specifically this one lady, which is hilarious. This may also be proof that some rich people need better financial advisers. Preferably ones who aren’t exotic pet dealers on the side.


Warning! This wallaby will punch you!

  • I got my glasses!!! I talked about them here. Remember?

Magnifique, non?

  • And holy crap, this show, Deadliest Warriors, is amazing. I just saw a Ninja get his butt kicked by a Spartan. Now, to DVR the fight between a Viking and a Samurai. Because Vikings are AWESOME! RAWR!
Sumarai vs. Viking


All this fighting is making me wonder if there’s a punching bag at the Y. Or if I should pick up viking axe handling. Ya know, just in case.