Occasionally you get reminded of some things that you loved, but sort of fell to the wayside while you pursued other interests.

Today, while playing around in Tumblr, I found an account dedicated to the amazing show Pushing Daisies. Daisies was one of thgose shows that was just magical. It was visually stunning, full of bright colorful shots and a setting that seemed more ethereal than back lot. The characters were fun and engaging and the mysteries were quirky without being too saccharine. And as for romance? Well Ned and Charlotte (aka, Chuck) are magnetic together; they have so much chemistry, but they have to stay at arms length or else Ned could touch her and Chuck would be dead.

The Cast of Pushing Daisies

The Cast of Pushing Daisies! See how adorable everyone is? The whole show is like that.

Oh yea, that’s right, Ned the adorably anti-social pie maker has the ability to bring people back to life with just a touch. But as with all gifts in television and film, the catch is that he can never touch the person or thing again or else they’re dead for good. Plus, if he doesn’t touch them again in 60 seconds, someone/thing has to take the place of the previously deceased and bite the big one. It sounds weird and dark and macabre, but the tone of the show is so whimsical it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I’d be so caught up in the bright colors and fun quips I’d forget I was watching I murder mystery crime show. It was so great!

And of course, thanks to the writer’s strike and the fact that most of the people in America refuse to watch quality TV, the show was canceled. And yet Two and a Half Men still roams the airwaves. Unfair.

Things that are fair? Awesome stuff on DVD. You can check out Pushing Daisies there, but you can also see one of my favorite movies: Drop Dead Gorgeous. This movie never, ever fails to make me laugh. It’s a mockumentary film that deals with all the ups and downs of a small town beauty pageant, which just so happens to be plagued with murder most foul!

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Honestly, who paints step ladders before a show?

The best part about that movie is the cast. They own those podunk Minnesota roles like nobody’s business. And I dare you not to watch it without wanting to talk with a ridiculously over-the-top mid-western accent. And it’s the little touches in this movie that stand out: the fire crew smoking, the world’s oldest living Lutheran sign, and the globe, all of which are freaking classics. Again, it’s a weird and kind of dark subject matter (murder), but it’s done in a light and fun way, it’s so enjoyable, it’s ridiculous.

Bottom line is, if you like to giggle at mirth-filled murder and mayhem, you should probably check out both of these. Now I’m off to see if there’s anyway I can bring back Pushing Daisies, Obama did say he’d bring change!