So glad this week is over. Gotta be honest, totes phoning this blog in tonight. But that’s ok, because I’ve decided to have a short story done by the end of March. I know that seems long, but I’ve gotta jump start my brain and brainstorm and then write it and then edit it and then first draft it and then get feedback and then second draft it and then completely doubt everything I’ve ever written and then tell myself I’m a hack and then hate myself for wanting feedback and then submit and then receive no comments and then wallow and then reread it for the 84th time and find that I kind of like it.

Creative writing is a long arduous process. That’s why it’s good to have time limits on these nifty time-wasting writing prompts!

Five minutes on the clock… Allons-y!

Truth is independent of fact. It does not mind being disproved.

Original Prompt Here

Two sides to every story and then there’s the truth. Meg knew there was a reason she’d come back from her desk to find a puddle of glue and a ripped children’s book pages littered all over the little plastic craft table, but as of yet, her two suspects hadn’t been very forthcoming with the facts. He said she ripped the pages and knocked the glue over. She said he pulled the book and it’s pages out of her hands and the glue spilled in the process. Then there was the defiant standoff where both refused to acknowledge any truth to the other’s story. It’d made for a spaghetti western stand-off of sorts that only came up to her knees. Her other kindergartners watched, mouths gaping open in quiet shock. They assumed the other two would be punished, but they had no idea what could be coming. They kept working on their own cotton ball snowman projects, but they were entirely aware of what was going on.

“Well, you two, what happened?” She asked. “Please, tell me the truth.” Had there just have been glue, there wouldn’t have been an issue, but one of the few books the class room could afford had been ruined and Lana had a flustered face and red eyes. The yelp that brought her over there of course made her want to investigate, as well.

Tyler sniffed and locked over at Lana. They were both pouting, but seemed resolved to stay quiet.

“Ok. If you’d rather not tell me, I’ll have to put you both in the quiet corner.”

“No, wait.”

Lana sighed and looked back over at Tyler. “It was both our faults. He wanted the book, but I didn’t want to share.”

“I grabbed the book by it’s pages and pulled. We both knocked over the glue when the book flew.”

“So Lana, you didn’t share and Tyler you grabbed it, you both knocked over the glue. I think you both know what you need to do. Apologize to each other and then work together to help me clean up this mess.”

They nodded their heads and looked sullen.

“Sorry.” They said.

Meg had the feeling that there was more truth in their desire to clean up the sticky glue and sodden pages then to make amends, but the fact remained that they’d both need to work together and not be so stubborn.


Done, went way beyond the time limit, but whatever, I was watching TV.

I can’t remember the last time I used Elmer’s glue…