I can’t start that quote without finishing with a flourish. Well, today was a bummer, but I finished it up with a trip to the gym and then grocery shopping (for yougurt!) so it wasn’t totally miserable, but sometimes you just get in a funk and you can’t shake it. When that happens I always think of a book I read when I was younger:

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


It’s a great children’s book, if you’re not familiar, but it always puts things in perspective. Also, when I think about one kid’s book, I generally think of others I used to love when I was little.

Yayyyy Picspam.

goodnight, moon

The illustrations in this book are lovely! And the story is so sweet.

pokey little puppy

All of the Little Golden Books are great, but this always sticks out in my mind.

Dr. Seuss

Always a classic.

Happy Birthday, Doc.