Ok, let’s do a rundown!

  • I sorta had a come to Jesus meeting tonight and I made a decision, but I’m only 80% sure it’s final (which probably, definitely means it is), but I’m so confused I can’t get my head straight. Hence, the mighty mini post.
  • I know I’ve talked about Biggest Loser here before, but this week was interesting. The separate teams always creates a tense dynamic, but it’s so unevenly matched this year! So I’ve decided I am not a fan of Michael, he’s annoying me and is almost a brat at times. Whatever, that show always makes me cry. I’m pathetic.
  • I tumblr’ed this, but I need to repost it here. This thing is amazing. It cheers you up, it’s fun and so simple. It just makes music, but it’s random and sweet. Definitely a good 5-minute time killer.
Tone Matrix Screen Cap

The Tone Matrix! Click the pic to take you to the site.

  • What is all this nonsense about the Captain America casting? First Krasinski is a shoe-in and now he’s out and everyone else is in? What is going on with this junk? Meh, I’m still annoyed they didn’t cast Alexander Skarsgard as Thor.
Alexander Skarsgard

I mean COME ON! The dude oozes Valhalla. Whatever. Cast an Australian. (Nobody cares)

  • Spring is coming and I decided to get ready by taking advantage of a coupon I got in the mail from DSW. Tada!
Teal Gladiator Sandal

Report Aki Studded Gladiator

Green Peep-Toe Flats

BC Footwear Thicker Than Water II Peep Toe Flat

I think that’s enough for tonight. If you want more, there’s always tomorrow.