With the newly sprung spring air,
the weather is fresh and fair.
Sunshine basks the green ground
and banishing winter all around.
Showers come and send the cold away,
but humidity tends to linger all day.
The air grows damp with season’s dew
and in the wind something stirs anew.
It springs every year, but always creeps;
leaving me surprised by the pain it keeps.

Stuffy nose, watery eyes, congested head-
all day I ache and wish to go to bed.
Beauty lingers all around and I can’t be moved,
for these freaking allergies have stolen my groove.
Work is a pain as my eyes throb with pressure,
I feel like the only relief would be with a thresher.
Go away nasty pollen and poor health creators!
You’re causing me to be cantankerous, like an alligator.
At least till October, I’ll have to find relief
with lots of pills and lots of sleep.