Spoiler heavy if you haven’t seen last week’s episode. Of course, if you haven’t seen last week’s episode, you’ve probably been routinely ignoring these posts. Anyway, let’s get to the jump, it’ll be short and sweet, but hopefully fun!

Chuck and Morgan

Friends tell each other everything! Unless, ya know, they have to hide the fact that super secret information from the NSA & CIA is lodged in their brain. Ya know, the usual.

This week’s episode was directed by the super adorable Zachary Levi, aka Chuck! The tough thing about directing on  TV show is that it’s not reeeeeeally supposed to have a personal stamp as much as it’s supposed to fit with the entire series, so I couldn’t really tell that Mr. Levi put his auteur philosophy to work (if he even has one, dude may have just wanted to have fun by slipping behind the camera), but it was a good episode nonetheless. If there was anything that may have hinted at a “Levi Production” it was the awesome Morgan moments that were interspersed through the episode. Morgan, played by Joshua Gomez, is Chuck’s best friend and in real life, Joshua and Zachary also happen to be good friends and this episode was really sweet to see the old Morgan and Chuck buddy up again. As fun as it is to watch Chuck banter with Casey, the original buddy power team in that show was Morgan and Chuck and they’re interactions were strained as of late and that was kind of a bummer.

BUT NOW THEY’RE BACK! And buddier (not a really word, don’t bother looking it up) than ever. The reason Chuck and Morgan had been drifting was due to Chuck having to keep his secret spy life a secret from Morgan, but in this episode, Morgan, who is small enough to hide behind a Keurig box apparently, found out there was the CIA/NSA base just below the Buy More. The bad guys from The Ring (which, how cute was it that Morgan teased them about the name while pumping up Chuck for the big fight) discover Chuck is there and that he works for the CIA so they separate Shaw, Casey and Sarah from the herd (HA! See what I did there?) and try and eliminate Chuck (Agent Carmichael) and his best friend. Morgan is adorable in his willingness to try and kick butt, only to realize that an electric knife is no match against evil spy weaponry.

Anyway, Morgan doesn’t believe that Chuck is an agent then Chuck flashes (finally!) and saves the day and Morgan is so stoked. He geeks out about finding out about his best friend’s secret and potential job perks and Chuck finally has someone he can talk to and share his woes with. Morgan is now in on the secret and Chuck doesn’t have secrets blocking up his flashing mojo.

This should make things even more hilarious from now on. I’m definitely excited to see where this season is going and hopefully we’ll see more fun Morgan/Chuck goofiness. Casey can hang out and be hilarious, too.

And as an aside: THANK YOU WRITERS! You finally stopped referring to the set-up as solely controlled by the CIA. You made my “anal-retentive-for-keeping-shows-canon” heart melt.