Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment. At 7:30. In the morning.


But in better news now that I’m a full-time employee (!) I have benefits so that things are covered by this thing called “insurance.” I’m not entirely familiar with the concept, but I’m told it’s good. Oh, but hey, I’m employed now in a non-temporary position, so… things are looking up for ol’ Katie, yessir. Today was my first day in my new officially official position.

Also, I was worried that the direct deposit for my federal refund wouldn’t work, but it totally did! That made these sleepy and tiring Monday way better. So, way to go US government. You did something right! For once. Kidding, please don’t hurt me department of homeland security, I’m still broke and not at all a bad person, just bad at telling jokes.

Alright, since I need to hit the hay in order to get up early so that I can get my gums poked, I need to make up for my miserable post and the fact that I need sleep, by posting these:

You’re welcome.