Y’all know the drill!

5 minutes on the clock.

Help him, maybe, but don’t tell him what to do.

(Original Prompt Here)

Marilyn watched as her grandson struggled with the glue stick and the pieces of construction paper. She knew she shouldn’t interfere and fuss over his project, help him, maybe, but don’t tell him what to do.

The safety scissors worked through the paper and made a quiet crunching sound as Fisher completed his Mother’s Day card. Sipping her tea, Marilyn ignored the mess that she would have to take care of later and decided to encourage him with her silence. She’d learned the hard way that she needed to keep out. Her daughter had just started allowing her to watch him again and she was trying her best to appreciate it.


Ok, I kind of want to explore this idea. The subtext just came to me, so I’m gonna write something more in depth, while I’m not so sleepy. Night, y’all.