Sometimes you’ve just got to hang out with your mom. I know that sounds strange, especially as a young adult who has should have a thriving social life with peers her own age, but it’s the truth. We hang out well together because we’re different in many ways, but also very similar and we tend to balance each other out. It’s especially good when we both need advice on something or to just be out of a weird situation.

H&M Store

Sadly, no bright colors were to be found at the actual Crabtree H&M.

My mom and I went to Crabtree Valley Mall to visit the new H&M store, which I was so excited for because I haven’t been in one since I was in LA and the clothes are usually a ton of fun and generally inexpensive (something I look for in my fashion choices, naturally). But when we got there we were pretty disappointed with the selection, we knew the crowd would be obnoxious (it was), but we weren’t quite prepared for the limited selection they had. Most of the clothes seemed to be from the past season (as opposed to the spring) making it seem as though though nothing was fresh or… seasonal. We left the store with nothing, but we still had a great time at the mall. We visited most of the stores that they don’t have at Triangle or Southpoint and we just got to hang out and talk.

Honestly, despite seeing some ok clothes, the most fun the two of us had was just sitting and talking over a late lunch at Panera. The topics ranged from work stresses, to relationships, to our own personal growth as women. I love my mom and I think she’s so smart and strong, but probably my favorite thing about my mom is the fact that she acknowledges that she’s still a work in progress. It gives me hope that I can still evolve and grow and become a better version of myself despite how “set in my ways” I may become. Sometimes I worry that my greatest fear in aging is becoming sedentary and just working myself into this insurmountable rut. It’s helpeful to know that I can still change if I see the need to… It’s encouraging to know that I could still be able to recognize the need to change.

One of the other things we talked about was dating. My singleness obviously crowding most of the conversation since my mother is happily married. But since we had the talk, my stance and vision for the post on the Christian mindset towards dating has altered. I still think I hold the same opinion, I just want to address it differently.

Tomorrow is Chuck “reviewcap” Sunday, but I think Monday may have to be about this whole dating thing. Don’t hold me to it, but I may pre-write my post and then time it to be released on Monday just so I don’t forget, but we’ll see.

Until then my best advice is to wait a few weeks before hitting up the H&M, i think they’re trying to take advantage of the grand opening “sales” by putting out old merchandise at normal prices, but that’s just my two cents.